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FLOWERS - The perfect
birthday delight or a great
way to send encourage-
ment. This summer bouquet
has cheery daisies, romantic
roses, & wildflowers and to
make it citrus sweet, our
designers put fresh lemons
into the arrangement...
MUSIC - Click here for spe-
cial prices on Music CD’s,
Videos, DVD’s, Electronics,
& more. Your favorite Rock,
Jazz, Classical, Fusion,
R&B, Metal, & Pop Artists.
Do you think you know this
artist’s real name? Click
here to find out...
JEWELRY - Here’s your
chance to get diamonds,
emeralds, sapphires, gold,
silver, platinum, rings, brace-
lets, chains, pendants, ear-
rings, all exquisitely
designed and sent right to
you or to the one you love.
HIGH-TECH - Winner of a
prestigious Consumer
Electronics Innovation
award, this flat stereo is less
than 6in deep & features an
ultra modern 3-CD disc play-
er that loads vertically. And
guess what else it does...
Marantz Dolby Digital Home
Theater Receiver with THX
surround adds a back chan-
nel to the 5.1 system to
make 6.1. An extensive
array of analog, digital and
video inputs, will satisfy
even the most jaded audio-
phile and blow away the
home theater enthusiast.
Tealight Candles. Delightful-
ly scented with the same
aromatic fragrances as our
famous Jar Candles, these
candles come in clear con-
tainers, so you can see the
rich colors. You can almost
smell the scent and see the
flicker of this warm
Ionic Breeze GP Silent Air
Purifier has Ultraviolet Ger-
micidal Protection and fea-
tures a Philips Ultraviolet
Germicidal Sterilamp
kills something in your
house. Guess what it kills...
MMMmm... If this looks
good, wait till you see all you
can create with the items &
appliances at our cooking &
housewares center. From
knives to bread makers, you
can create tons of mouth-
watering recipes to enjoy...
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